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1200 Automated Fiber Handler

Automates the optical fiber stripping, cleaning, cleaving and temporary coupling processes

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The 1200 Automated Fiber Handler is the first fiber preparation product that enables optical fiber manufacturers to significantly reduce the cost of production measurements by automating the critical optical fiber stripping, cleaning, cleaving and temporary coupling processes.

  • High speed, low loss automated fiber preparation and coupling
  • Factory proven fiber preparation and alignment technologies
  • Compatible with a range of fiber introduction strategies
  • Fiber preparation component and system modularity

  • Reduces fiber preparation and temporary coupling time by 25-50% and minimizes coupling loss
  • Improves measurement quality and reduces 8000 OTDR measurement time
  • Increases productivity by allowing operators to attend additional test stations or perform other process duties
  • Enables a complete range of automation deployments from manual to semi-automated to fully automated fiber loading
  • Minimizes both maintenance costs and test station downtime

Fibers Prepared 125 µm cladding with 250 µm acrylate coating
Preparation and Alignment Time < 30 seconds
Splice Loss < 1 dB, < 0.1 dB typical
Splice Reflectance < -40 dB, < -50 dB typical
Preparation and Alignment Success Rate > 99%
Dimensions (W x L x H) 22 x 64 x 46 cm
Facility Requirements Plant air: < 5 cfm @ 100 psig
Power: 110/220/240V, 50/60Hz

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