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2201 Far Field Scanner

High speed, high dynamic range mode field diameter, effective area and numerical aperture measurements

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The 2201 Far Field Scanner provides high speed, high dynamic range measurement of the mode field diameter and effective area of single-mode fibers and the numerical aperture of multimode fibers using direct far field scanning, the ITU reference technique.

The 2201's measurement performance and flexibility is unrivaled. With a scanning numerical aperture over 0.85 and measurement wavelength ranges of either 500 to 1000 nm, or 900 to 1700 nm, it can be configured to characterize the mode field diameter and effective area of virtually any single-mode optical fiber available today. Up to four internal, high power laser or LED sources can be quickly connected to the fiber under test with low optical loss via a Photon Kinetics 1100, or 1120 Bare Fiber Aligner, or similar customer-supplied coupling device.

The 2201 combines "standards laboratory" measurement precision with the ease-of-use and measurement speed that are essential for the production floor.

Features and Benefits
  • Reference measurement technique ensures measurement accuracy
  • Configuration flexibility enhances instrument utility, return on investment
  • Internal laser sources reduce footprint, speed measurement, simplify connection to fiber
  • High dynamic range improves accuracy, reduces measurement time

Measurements Mode Field Diameter, Effective Area, Numerical Aperture
Standard Wavelengths Available Single-mode: 1310, 1550 and 1625 nm
Multimode: 850 and 1300 nm
Special Wavelengths Available 532, 632, 780, 820, 980, 1060 nm and customer-specified,
single-mode and multimode
Scanning Range ± 60 degrees
Minimum Scan Increment < 0.06 degrees
Detector Subtended Angle < 0.09 degrees

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