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2500 Plastic Optical Fiber Analysis System

Comprehensive characterization of next generation plastic optical fibers

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While the 2500 Optical Fiber Analysis System is the industry-standard for testing standard, silica multimode optical fibers, it is also capable of performing comprehensive characterization of the new generation of graded-index plastic optical fibers (GIPOF). The 2500 provides high speed, repeatable measurement of several critical fiber properties including spectral attenuation, time- domain (pulse) bandwidth, single-mode launch differential mode delay, core diameter and numerical aperture - all in accordance with recently developed IEC measurement standards. The GIPOF-capable 2500 is compatible with fibers having core diameters up to 120 um (IEC Type A4g and A4h).

Features and Benefits
Easy measurement setup with fiber end inspection
  • Reduces overall measurement time
  • Ensures quality of measurements
Easy-to-use operator interface with flexible software
  • Minimizes measurement time and operator training costs
  • Facilitates customized testing
High speed measurements
  • Increases production and reduces test measurement costs
Highly repeatable
  • Improves process feedback for higher quality fiber
Multiple measurements with a single, compact test instrument
  • Reduces cost and space requirements

Spectral Attenuation 800 to 1600 nm Overfilled launch, > 4 wavelengths/sec
Pulse Bandwidth 850 and 1300 nm Overfilled launch, 1.5 GHz
Differential Mode Delay 850 and 1300 nm Single-mode launch, 0.5 ┬Ám step resolution

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