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2600 Plastic Optical Fiber Preform Analyzer

Fully automated characterization of plastic optical fiber preforms

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The unique vertical design of the 2600 Preform Analyzer gives manufacturers of GIPOF the ability to perform completely automated analysis. Its' automated axial (longitudinal) and radial preform positioning facilitates rapid and precise analysis of the entire preform structure. From the acquired index profile, the 2600 is able to calculate geometry metrics such as preform core diameter, outside diameter and core/clad concentricity.

Features and Benefits
Vertical Preform Mounting
  • Simple, fast preform loading
Fully automated rotation and longitudinal translation
  • Complete, high speed analysis from end to end
User-definable measurement sequences
  • Hands-free, customizable measurement
Complete Geometric Analysis
  • Refractive index, diameter, radius, non-circularity, layer concentricity for each measured position
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