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2800 Fiber Analysis System

High performance platform for a wide range of single-mode and multimode measurements

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The 2800 Fiber Analysis System is a highly flexible measurement platform that can be configured to perform a variety of critical single-mode fiber measurements including chromatic dispersion, spectral loss and either multiplexed or single fiber strain. Multimode chromatic dispersion, spectral loss and fiber length measurements are also available as options.

Standard LED sources cover the wavelength range from 1240 to 1630 nm, while optional LEDs can be fitted to enable measurements at 650, 850, 980 and 1060 nm. Ultra-high dynamic range options enable CD measurements on standard telecom fibers over 200 km long.

Features and Benefits
Highly Configurable Test Platform
  • Customize measurement capability or select broader wavelength range to suite your specific test requirements
  • Utilize high performance options to extend measurement range
Exceptional Measurement Speed
  • Minimizes measurement time and expense
Factory-proven design
  • Ensures reliable 24/7 operation

Type LEDs w/ monochromator (standard)
Zero Dispersion
< 0.0065 nm
Slope at Lambda Zero < 0.05%
Chromatic Dispersion < 0.0006 ps/nm*km
Zero Dispersion
± 0.5 nm
Slope at Lambda Zero ± 1.5 %
Chromatic Dispersion ± 0.05 ps/nm*km or ± 1% of the
measured value, whichever is greater

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