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8000 Plastic Optical Fiber OTDR

High quality measurements in the shortest possible time

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The 8000 OTDR has become the industry standard OTDR for manufacturers of standard silica-based single-mode and multimode fibers. It has attained this position because it is the only OTDR that was designed specifically for testing optical fiber and cables in the manufacturing environment. Now, the 8000's "performance first" optical design delivers unsurpassed optical performance for GI-POF fibers as well. Its high dynamic range and unique data acquisition capabilities significantly reduce the time associated with acquiring OTDR signatures and its analysis capabilities provide important measures of fiber quality.

Features and Benefits
High performance optoelectronic design
  • Maximizes dynamic range, minimizes averaging time
  • Provides unmatched linearity for highest quality loss measurements
Unique, high-speed data acquisition techniques
  • Reduce averaging time by as much as 95%
Highly configurable optical design
  • An optimal solution for almost every OTDR test application
  • Upgradable to change test capability as your test requirements change
Factory oriented design
  • Facilitates seamless data network interfacing and remote control
Comprehensive front panel and analysis software
  • Provides large, real-time signature display, automated analysis including attenuation modeling and MFD prediction

Measurements Event loss, location and reflectance, attenuation, length, spectral attenuation modeling,
mode field diameter prediction
Standard wavelengths Multimode: 850, 1300 nm
Single-mode: 1310, 1360, 1383, 1410, 1490, 1550, 1625 nm
Custom wavelengths 1060, 1240, 1570 nm, other wavelengths available upon request

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