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2300 Fiber Analysis System

The new industry standard for spectral loss and geometry

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For over 30 years, Photon Kinetics' 2200 Fiber Analysis and 2400 Fiber Geometry Systems have been considered the industry standards for single-mode spectral loss (e.g. cut-off wavelength) and fiber geometry characterization. The new 2300 Fiber Analysis System is the first optical fiber test instrument to combine these two critical measurements on the same test station. The resultant elimination of redundant fiber preparation and handling alone enables fiber and cable manufacturers to reduce the time and expense associated with these "short fiber" measurements by more than 50 %. The 2300's higher data acquisition speed provides additional cost reduction and test station throughput.

The 2300 is available in a variety of configurations including the combined spectral loss and geometry system, as well as specialized spectral loss or fiber geometry systems. A comprehensive line of measurement options is available to extend the capability of all three configurations including extended wavelength range, numerical aperture capability for multimode fibers, plus geometry characterization of several types of specialty fibers.


Measurements Time
Geometry and Cut-off Wavelength 15
Geometry, Cut-off Wavelength and Cutback Attenuation 30
Geometry, Cut-off Wavelength and Cutback Attenuation, Mode Field Diameter (2λ) 60

Features and Benefits

Cut-off wavelength and geometry at one test station
  • Eliminates redundant fiber handling, cutting overall measurement time by more than 50%
High speed data acquisition
  • Provides additional reduction of measurement time and expense
Configurable optical platform with a family of measurement options
  • Allows customers to obtain the optimal test system for their specific requirements
  • Enables characterization of multimode fibers and several types of specialty fiber
PKSL Software Application/Test Wizard
  • Provides step-by-step test creation of test scripts
  • Allows customization of tests scripts to address specific customer requirements
  • Simplifies translation of test menus/instructions into local language
Innovative, ergonomic fiber handling tools
  • Speeds fiber cleaving process, offcut disposal
  • Reduces fiber loading and layout time

Configurations and Options
Standard Measurements 2300A 2300G 2300AG
SMF Spectral Attenuation, 1000-1650 nm
  • SMF Cut-off Wavelength
  • Fiber Geometry  
    Compatible Options      
    Coating Geometry
  • 2304
    Mode Field Diameter, Effective Area (VAMFF)
  • 2311
    Fiber Curl
  • 2314
    Far Field Scanner (Numerical Aperture)
  • 2300-ALA
    Automated Input and Output Alignment
    Automated Input Alignment
  • 2300-FSS
    Fiber Spool Stand
  • 2300-HSS
    High-Speed Spectral Scanning
  • 2300-LDF
    Large Diameter Fiber Geometry
  • 2300-LDS
    Large Diameter Single-mode Fiber Attenuation
    Automated Serpentine Mandrel
  • 2300-MCF
    Multicore Fiber Geometry
  • 2300-MSF
    Microstructured Fiber Geometry
  • 2300-PMF
    Polarization Maintaining Fiber Geometry
  • 2300-WR1
    Extended Wavelength Range (600 to 1650 nm)
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