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2650 Preform Analyzer

Fully automated characterization of optical fiber preforms

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The vertical design of the 2650 Preform Analyzer gives fiber manufacturers the ability to fully automate preform positioning, facilitating rapid and comprehensive characterization of preform structure. From the acquired index profile data, the 2650 calculates preform geometry metrics such as core diameter, preform outside diameter, and concentricity. For single-mode fiber preforms, the profile data also yields equivalent step-index (ESI) profile parameters which enables prediction of the mode field diameter, cut-off wavelength and chromatic dispersion of the fiber that will be drawn from the preform. The alpha coefficient of multimode fiber preform profiles can be also be calculated. All calculations provide essential feedback for preform process control. The 2650 is particularly well-suited for characterizing large diameter preforms.

Features and Benefits

Vertical Preform Mounting
  • Enables fully automated rotation and longitudinal translation
Fast, Simple Preform Loading
  • Allows one-person loading and unloading
Complete Geometric Analysis
  • Enables accurate prediction of mode field diameter, chromatic dispersion, and cut-off wavelength for fibers drawn from the preform
Traceable Calibration
  • Every measurement referenced to the built-in silica calibration rod traceable to UK's National Physical Laboratory

Refractive Index Repeatability < 0.00005
Diameter Repeatability < 0.05 mm
Concentricity Repeatability < 0.05 mm
Preform Diameter Range 5 - 120 mm
Typical Measurement Time 60 sec.
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