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2311 Fiber Curl System/Option

Next generation, stand-alone or add-on curl measurement capability

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The 2311 Fiber Curl System/Option is Photon Kinetics' second generation measurement system for fiber curl and a member of the PKSL product family. The 2311 is deployable either as an add-on option for the 2300 Fiber Analysis System to create a comprehensive fiber geometry final QC test station, or as a stand-alone curl measurement system for spot checks in the fiber draw area.

Features and Benefits
Rapid, repeatable measurements
  • Increases production output, reduces cost
  • Ensures useful process feedback and finished product quality
Easy-to-use, touch screen interface
  • Reduces operator fatigue, minimizes training time and expense
PKSL Software Application/Test Wizard
  • Provides menu guided creation of typical test parameters
  • Enables easy customization/automation of tests via script editing
  • Simplifies translation of test menus/instructions into local language
Customized optical configurations
  • Deployable as add-on option to 2300 Fiber Analysis System or as stand-alone system

Curl Measurement Range 1.0 - 100 m
Repeatability < 1.0%
Reproducibility < 2.5%
Fiber Types All 125 ┬Ám nominal cladding diameter
Typical Measurement Time < 15 sec

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