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2302 Coating Geometry System/Option

Next generation, stand-alone or add-on capability for all coating materials and colors

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The 2302 Coating Geometry System/Option is the product of over 20 years of experience measuring the geometry of optical fiber coating. As a result the 2302 is easily the highest performing and most capable measurement system of its type, precisely measuring fibers with either colored or natural coatings. The USB controlled, fully automated measurement system can be deployed as an option for the 2300 Fiber Analysis System to create a comprehensive, fiber geometry final QC test station or it can be set up as a stand-alone coating test station for spot checks at the fiber draw tower.

Features and Benefits
Fast, repeatable measurement of all fiber types and coatings
  • Increases production output, reduces cost
  • Ensures useful process feedback and finished product quality
Easy-to-use, touch screen interface
  • Minimizes training time and expense. Improves efficiency
PKSL Software Application/Test Wizard
  • Provides menu guided creation of typical test parameters
  • Enables easy customization/automation of tests via script editing
  • Simplifies translation of test menus/instructions into local language
Customized optical configurations
  • Measurement cells available for 250, 400, 500 and 600 µm fibers
  • Stages for fibers restrained in fiber holders or loose fibers
  • Deployable as add-on option to 2300 Fiber Analysis System or as stand-alone system

Diameter < 0.5 µm
Cladding / Coating Concentricity < 0.5 µm
Outer Coating Non-Circularity < 0.5%
Measurement Time < 20 sec.

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