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FK11 & FK12 Precision Fiber Optic Cleavers

Highest quality fiber end-faces for splicing and fiber termination

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The FK11 & FK12 Fiber Optic Cleavers both employ an ultrasonic cleaving technology to produce flat, defect-free fiber end-faces. The standard FK11 is designed for cleaving standard telecom fibers in preparation for fusion splicing and fiber testing. Variants of the FK11 include the FK11-LDF for larger cladding diameter fibers, the FK11-SDF and FK11-USDF for small diameter fibers and the FK11-C for cleaving through the fiber coating.

The FK12 cleaver is capable of producing similar low angle fiber cleaves as the FK11, but its primary application is for creating fiber cleaves with a user-selectable end angle for low reflectance fiber terminations.

Features and Benefits

  • Tensions fiber prior to cleaving prevents damage to end face
  • Low end angle for low loss splicing (FK11)
  • Adjustable cleave angle from 0º to 15º for optimal end reflection and loss (FK12)
  • Long-life durable diamond blade provides extended use
  • Variants for cleaving a variety of fiber diameters, and through fiber coatings
  • Easy to use







Fibers diameters

80 to 200 µm

180 to 400 µm

50 to 100 µm

20 to 30 µm

125 µm

Cleave angle repeatability

< 0.6° typical

< 1.5° typical

< 0.6° typical

< 0.6° typical

< 1° typical¹

¹at 8° setting

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