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Full Length Stations

Characterize the key transmission properties of fiber spools in 30 seconds

The Full Length Station (FLS) is Photon Kinetics' highest performance measurement solution for characterizing spools of optical fiber at final QC. The FLS is currently available in three, fully integrated configurations that are able to address a range of customer test requirements:

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FLS-1 OTDR Station

Features an OTDR designed exclusively for the Full Length Station to enable the fastest possible measurement of fiber length, attenuation, attenuation uniformity, point defect location, as well as mode field diameter enabled by low loss, ultra-stable temporary fiber couplings with the included fiber alignment station. Four wavelength (1310, 1383, 1550 and 1625 nm), bi-directional OTDR measurements, plus spectral attenuation and mode field diameter characterization at 1310 and 1550 nm can be obtained on 50 km spools in approximately 15 seconds.

FLS-2 OTDR and Chromatic Dispersion Station

Adds high performance chromatic dispersion measurement capability to the FLS-1 to deliver both the highest speed OTDR and chromatic dispersion measurements. Complete, four wavelength OTDR characterization and full range chromatic dispersion measurements on 50 km fiber lengths are possible in about 25 seconds. Includes a fiber alignment station that enables virtually instantaneous temporary fiber couplings with both the low loss and high loss stability necessary for OTDR-based mode field diameter measurements..

FLS-3 OTDR, Chromatic and Polarization Mode Dispersion Station

The FLS-3 station adds high-speed, interferometric PMD measurement capability to the FLS-2 with both the patented generalized (GINTY) and traditional (TINTY) PMD calculation methods available. Station is capable of performing complete OTDR, chromatic and polarization mode dispersion characterization on 50 km spools in approximately 30 seconds with just one fiber preparation and coupling step

Features and Benefits
Upgradeable Configurations
  • Address current test requirements with ability to upgrade for future testing needs
Exclusive OTDR and Dispersion Configurations
  • Maximize both measurement quality and speed
Multiple Measurements at a Single Station, One Fiber Preparation and Coupling Step
  • Minimizes spool handling, fiber preparation operations
Advanced, Standards-approved Measurement Methods
  • Maximizes station utility/productivity
PKSL Test Application
  • Simplifies every phase of the testing process to reduce overall test time
  • Enables complete customization of testing process, local language user-interfaces

OTDR (FLS-1, FLS-2, FLS-3)
Applicable Standards ITU-T G.650.1
IEC 60793-1-22 (Length), -40 (Atten.), -45 (Mode Field), IEC 62033 (Atten. Uniformity)
TIA FOTP-78 (Attenuation), -133 (Length), -191 (Mode Field Diameter)
Wavelengths (nm) 1310 ± 10
1383 ± 1
1550 ± 10
1625 ± 10
Measurement Time (sec) 15 (bi-directional)
Chromatic Dispersion (FLS-2, FLS-3)
Applicable Standards ITU-T G.650.1, IEC 60793-1-42, TIA FOTP-175
Wavelengths (nm) 1240-1360, 1440-1630
Measurement Time (sec) 10 (26 wavelengths)
Polarization Mode Dispersion (FLS-3)
Applicable Standards ITU-T G.650.2, IEC 60793-1-48, TIA FOTP-122
Wavelengths (nm) C and L-band
Measurement Time (sec) 5

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