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EnvirOTDR Fiber, Cable and Component Qualification System

Automated, ultra-high precision change in optical loss measurements

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Effective environmental and mechanical testing of optical fibers, cables or components requires high precision detection of any change in loss caused by the applied stress. The testing also requires comprehensive automation software to not only control the test instrumentation, but to also coordinate the acquisition of the loss data from multiple fibers that may be located in several different enviro-mechanical test fixtures. The software also needs to control any optical switches that connect the test instrument to fibers under test, as well as collect chamber temperature, rig tension or other data to correlate with the fiber loss measurements

The EnvirOTDR Fiber, Cable and Component Qualification System performs all of these functions. Consisting of an 8000 Production and Laboratory OTDR and multi-channel test automation software, the EnvirOTDR delivers unprecedented change in loss measurement precision that is unaffected by optical source or optical switch power drift.

Features and Benefits
High Precision, patented loss measurement method
  • Provides repeatability over 10X better than typical "change in loss" specifications
  • Measure very short cable lengths, and even pigtailed components
  • Perform measurements on concatenated fibers, but still retain individual fiber loss information
Comprehensive, customizable test automation software
  • Capable of executing multiple, simultaneous enviro-mechanical tests
  • Enables several testing scenarios including optically switched or concatenated fibers

Loss Repeatability < 0.004 dB (4-sigma over 40 days)
Displays Loss vs. time or test condition (e.g. temp., tension etc.)
(for each fiber, 1 or more wavelengths)

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