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Product Support that Fits Your Needs

We at Photon Kinetics believe that our after-sale support is just as important as the performance of our products. That's why we offer quality service both in the field and in the factory, responsive technical support from an expert staff, and a range of customer support programs that fit your specific needs and enable you to get the most from our measurement systems, year after year.

Our Comprehensive Support Plan provides a pre-paid, defined level of support whenever you need it. This enables you to plan maintenance, manage your expense budget, and improve your ability to maintain critical manufacturing or engineering schedules. Compared to individual “time and material” services and “as-required” maintenance, the cost advantages of a Comprehensive Support agreement can be considerable. However, if you feel that Comprehensive Support doesn't fit your needs, you may still have a support plan option. We may be able to offer customized versions of our Comprehensive Support Plan tailored to your needs. Just contact the Photon Kinetics Technical Response Center or your sales representative to discuss your specific requirements.

In addition to our Comprehensive Support and “time and material” support services, Photon Kinetics also offers support through individual spare parts, spare parts kits, as well as performance assurance and both operating and maintenance training. All of these are available at current lead times and are billed at current PK travel, labor and subsistence rates.

Comprehensive Support Plan


Enrollment in the Comprehensive Support plan provides the following benefits for a one year period:

  • Technical Response Center support
  • Assistance with measurement questions
  • Troubleshooting product problems
  • Priority on-site response if a problem is determined to require field service
  • Coverage of all charges for both travel labor and on-site labor
  • Coverage of all spare parts costs
  • Software updates (major releases) where applicable
  • Performance Assurance (optional)

Comprehensive Support can be purchased at any time during equipment lifetime. However, it is most cost effective to purchase this support during your product's initial warranty period, as you will be eligible for a 10% discount. If Comprehensive Support is purchased beyond the product's warranty period, the cost of the plan will be the full plan cost, and a chargeable on-site inspection will be required to qualify the system for the plan.

Eligibility and Exclusions

  • Eligibility is conditional on whether the product has been maintained in accordance with PK recommendations.
  • Plan does not cover “consumables” such as lamps, cleaver assemblies, fiber holders, input/output lenses, printer ribbons/ink cartridges, and SMA cables used with our Pulse Bandwidth or Differential Mode Delay options.
  • Beyond the original PK product warranty, support for auxiliary OEM equipment used with PK products (such as PC controllers and sampling oscilloscopes) should be obtained directly from the OEM equipment manufacturer. This equipment is excluded from the Comprehensive Support Plan.

Time and Material Service

Time and Material Service is available to our customers on an “as-needed” basis to repair, realign or re-calibrate their system so that it meets its original factory specifications. This process typically begins with a preliminary diagnosis of the problem by a PK Field Service Engineer or our Technical Response Center. Based on this diagnosis, a proposed action plan will be provided along with a quotation for performing the work. Service charges are based on prevailing rates for transportation and living expenses and current PK rates for any required materials and labor (portal-to-portal, 4 hour minimum).

Other Support Services

Performance Assurance

Performance Assurance is the ideal support program for customers who choose to have their own personnel (certified through a PK technical training course) perform both routine and emergency product maintenance. This type of support program is typically used to support either internal or external quality standards, such as ISO 9000. Performance Assurance Service provides one or more visits by a PK Field Service Engineer at scheduled intervals and at a fixed price to perform any adjustments, cleaning etc. that might be necessary to bring your system up to factory specified performance. If purchased as an option to Comprehensive Support, Performance Assurance visits will also include any necessary maintenance.

Technical Training

Photon Kinetics offers technical training courses for all of its products. Our standard course offerings generally cover a range of topics from basic operator training to advanced instrument maintenance and repair. However, most of these courses can be adapted for your specific training needs. Training can take place either at your site or at the Photon Kinetics factory in Beaverton, Oregon. Contact your sales representative or the Technical Response Center for course details and a quotation.

Contact Us

Please contact us to discuss your service needs. You may either contact Photon Kinetics at the above address or by talking to your local sales representative.

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